Republik KongoVirunga National Park in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo is the oldest national park in Africa, and among the oldest worldwide. Nowhere in Africa can so many different species and varieties of habitats been found in a single park. Because of this richness and the presence of some of the world's most critically endangered species,
such as the Mountain Gorilla and Okapi, Virunga was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.


Despite decades of civil war and over 130 rangers killed in the line
of duty, Virunga has not lost a single species. Through the most
violent periods and often working without pay, Virunga's rangers have
never wavered in their commitment to protecting the park. Because of
this legendary dedication, Virunga's population of mountain gorillas has actually increased, and for this, the world owes them a debt of gratitude.


In early 2011, Dr. Marlene Zähner came to Virunga with a special breed of Bloodhound dog to aid park rangers in tracking down poachers and to help restore law and order. Zahner and her team of rangers are now able to track poachers and other criminals through even the most challenging terrain."

Bafta needs your help!


Bafta needs your help!


WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our sweet Bafta stopped eating last wednesday evening. She tried to throw up, but was not succesfull. As she is gastropexied, we were not worried about gastric torsion, but suspected a swallowed foreign body in her intestin, such as stones or pieces of a toy. When she was not better the next day, we arranged her to be moved to an animal hospital in Rwanda, 5 hours away. Lucky for us, this modern clinic was opened last year. Bafta and ranger David arrived on friday around midday. It was confirmed that Bafta has eaten stones. She had two stones in her stomach, which did cause the symptoms, and one in the caecum, which was expected to leave her body the natural way. She had surgery the same day and is recovering right now. She is doing well. We like to pick her up asap, but have to pay cash at the time of pick up. The costs are around 700.00 USD. We do need your help to finance this! Thank you so much! You may use the paypall account or transfer directly to the accounts mentioned on the page.